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  • Build your own Car Detailing Kit

    Now Let's Talk Dirty

    Car detailing refers to thorough cleaning of the car, both from the inside and the outside. Car detailing is an art in itself, and any enthusiast will tell you how important it is to have the right tools and materials. The good news is that you need not spend big bucks to buy a high-end car detailing kit! You can easily build your own basic car detailing kit. Some of the equipment are things you will have stocked at home anyway, while others, you can easily buy from any online auto store. Here’s an easy guide to building your own car detailing kit.

    First, the very basics Let us start with the very basic equipment: clean buckets, sponges, dusters, paper towels and newspapers; paper is the best option for wiping glass windows.

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  • 6 Essential Car Care Tips


    Whether you are a mechanic, a hobbyist or the owner of a collision shop, you will not want to miss out onour car care tips. Be it waxing your car or making your car rust proof, there are several ways of caring for your car. In this article, we share some essential car care tips.

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