Private Label Program

ProVision has emerged as a big name in automotive refinishing products, especially in Michigan and surrounding areas. We owe this success to our Private label program. This private label program has empowered us to continue the supply of top quality automotive refinishing products to our customers.

What is a Private Label

When a company sells its products and services under the banner of another company then it is referred to as a private label. Many companies outsource products and services to other companies to cut down costs of setting up their production units. Therefore, private label programs offer an affordable alternative to different multinational and local companies.

ProVision and Private Label

In the past smaller companies used to follow this particular model of business due to the scarcity of resources, but things have changed drastically in recent years. Today, many large-scale companies also use this model to cut costs. As such we have also initiated a private label program with other companies in the automotive refinishing industry. In fact, we manage to enjoy better control over our distribution and earned more discounts which we in turn extend to customers. We manage to deliver what our customers want and satisfy their needs in a much better and affordable way.

Benefits to the Customer

What forced ProVision to take private label seriously is our mission to provide our customers with the best of the best. This is only possible when we coordinate with other companies and buy specialized refinishing products from different manufacturers. Customers can now choose from superior products at sharply discounted rates, which could have never been possible without our private label program.

Our customers can now benefit from top quality products because the experts in the domain are responsible for manufacturing those products. Furthermore, more choices lead to a healthy competition between the brands, which results in price drops. This will benefit customers because they cannot only chose from a wide range of brands and products, but can also get these products at affordable rates. Simply put, it is a win-win situation for all the stakeholders involved.